MICHAEL Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Multifunction Saffiano Tote

I think I mentioned that I recently got this bag for my birthday, and I LOVE it! I almost want classes to start again so I can start using this bag more often.  (almost is the keyword though...I don't want classes to start just yet. haha)

It's a bit too big to carry around everywhere if I only need to carry my wallet, keys, and makeup bag but for days where I need more things it's a great tote to carry.

laptop compartment

If I would carry this bag everyday, I would put my house keys on this so I can easily find my keys in my bag. (My keys always tend to get lost somewhere deep inside my bag)

A little lopsided, but it's because I didn't have anything in my bag when I took this picture.  But you can tell it has a decent sized width.  

  • Simple style and easy to match with any outfit.  I also purposely picked out a color that I could use with most of my outfits too.  I plan on using this bag for a long time and even when I start working, I think it'd be a great work bag.
  • It has a laptop compartment (and it's cushioned!) The bag is big enough to fit my laptop and the laptop compartment zips up.
  • Structured tote style - I have a couple other tote bags, but all of them are not structured so things tend to get jumbled around inside.  This bag has a structured bottom so it's easy to see and organize your bag contents. Unlike my Longchamps which jumbles everything together. (but I love my Longchamps too!! haha)
  • I also love how the bag feels, it's made of leather but it's texturized so it seems like it would be harder to get dirty.  
  • No zipper on top -it's a tote. Rain/snow could get on the stuff inside your bag and ruin it.  And if you're going somewhere tourist-y it might not be a good bag to carry either.
  • It might be too big for people that don't need to carry much stuff.
Other than that, I can't really think of many cons, that's how much I love this bag:)

Right now, this bag is a little too big for me to carry on an every day basis since I don't have any school things to carry but once Autumn semester starts, I'm planning on using this everyday unless it rains! haha

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