Canmake Powder Cheeks Blush in PW30

Canmake Powder Cheeks Blush in PW30 (strawberry red)
キャンメイク パウダーチークス PW30(ストロベリーレッド)

I'm back with another Canmake product! When my family visited Japan (I didn't get to go because of summer classes) I asked my mom to pick up some things from Japan, and this was one of the products that I requested.  I have been interested in a bright red blush for a while now.  I've always been tempted to get NARS Exhibit A blush (which is bright red) but it's too expensive to just "try out".  So when I saw this on the Canmake website, I thought why not?


Price: 550 yen

This blush looks bright tomato red with a bit of orange in the pan which is a little scary, but using a light hand, it isn't hard to use at all!  I think it'd be a great winter time blush that would give you the "I just got back from the cold" kind of look.  For the summer time, I think it just makes you look overheated. haha  I've used it a couple times since I got it and like I said in my previous post about Canmake blushes (here), these are great quality for how cheap they are!

I almost forgot to mention, this blush isn't matte.  In the pictures and the swatch, it looks pretty matte, but you can definitely see the glitter particles in the pan.  But, I wouldn't say that it's crazy glittery because when I put it on, the glitter didn't bother me at all.


夏だとそれが火照ってる感じで熱が出てるの?感がでそうwww (完全に私の妄想だけどw)


あと、写真だけでうまく写せてないけど、ラメ入りのチークだからラメ入りが嫌いな人は避けた方がいいかも。でも、そんなに派手なラメじゃないから私は気にならないくらい。もしラメ入りじゃないけど真っ赤なチークが欲しかったらNARSのExhibit Aっていうチークがあるよー。でも、ちょっと高めだから私はキャンメイクの方を試したけどw

I love the cute but sturdy plastic packaging and the quilted pattern on the blush.  It comes with a nice soft brush (but I think the brush is a little hard to use because it's too small).

Here's a swatch:

Overall, I really like this blush and I can't wait to use it more as it gets colder.  Canmake blushes are great Japanese drugstore blushes that I recommend.  After using this blush, I think I might buy NARS Exhibit A depending on how much I'll use this blush when it gets colder. 


p.s. I made my pictures bigger than they usually are in my blog posts.  Did you guys like that? or should I just stick to the picture sizes that I had before?

p.s. 今回の記事は写真を大きめにしてみたけど、どっちのほうがいいかな?大きめ?それとも今まで通りのサイズ?コメントしてくれたら嬉しいです^^

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