YSL Rouge Volupte Shine #4

I mentioned this lipstick in my July Favorites (here) and said that I would do a separate review on it, so here it is :)

I'm not going to lie, the reason I was attracted to this lipstick was solely for the packaging.  It's just so gorgeous!!! Then I swatched it at Sephora and it had a nice scent, and the colors were pretty and I pretty much made up my mind right there that I wanted to buy it.  It took me a while to justify buying a $34 lipstick, but I knew I would buy it one day. haha

I have #4 Rouge in Danger.

In the tube, it looks like a deep red but swatched, it's actually not like the color in the tube.

I would say the color is a mix of cherry red and pink.  You can either apply it sheer and it looks more pink or apply it full and it looks more cherry red.

I really like how this lipstick applies, its smooth and like I said above you can wear it full coverage or sheer.  Which makes it a great lipstick that I can put on any day of the week.  It's definitely more of a summer color, but that won't stop me from wearing it all year round! haha

I think I said before that I love how MAC lipsticks smell, but these also have a nice scent.  These are fruity - but not overly so I don't think people would mind this scent at all.  Plus after applying the lipstick, you can't smell the fruity-ness anymore.

Another thing that I love about these is how creamy and moisturizing they are.  I'm pretty sure that has to do with the Rouge Volupte Shine formula but since they offer shine (not a matte finish) they're extra creamy and moisturizing.  The formula on these don't make my lips peel either.  

I know I just listed off how much I love this lipstick but does that mean I'll buy more soon? Probably not, I like these but I don't have enough money (being a college student with a part time job) to drop $34 on a tube of lipstick every time I walk into Sephora.  BUT, I do think that I'll definitely want to buy more colors in the future.  

The main con about this lipstick would be the price price price price.... There are so many other great lipsticks that are much cheaper and it makes it hard to justify paying full price.

Overall, I LOVE this lipstick.  And I'm really glad that I bought this.  Every time I use it I feel a little bit more mature or something...? haha
I would definitely recommend these!!

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