Random Post #5

I stopped by TJ Maxx on Friday and usually I don't find a lot of things that I like, but I think I spent about 30 minutes in the shoe section because they had so many cute shoes this time :) I bought 2 pairs of flats each for $24.99.
Brand: MIA
I'm usually not a fan of the snake-skin kind of pattern but the cutouts were so cute and the color seemed like it would go with pretty much anything.
Brand: Nautica
I also saw a pair of Minnetonka moccasins, but they had so much fur inside them, they made my feet look really big. Even though the fur was really comfortable, I thought that these would be easier to pair with casual outfits.

On Saturday, my family went on a mini-road trip to the state park nature trails. I usually prefer mall walking > nature trails walking (haha) but this place was really really pretty.  They had caves and waterfalls and a lot of shade so it didn't feel that hot.  Plus, I got some exercise in which is always a plus :D

It looked like a never-ending path through the woods.  

Part of my "hiking" outfit: yoga pants, tank top, and a denim shirt (but it got too hot so I wore it around my waist).

I'd say it was a pretty good weekend! Relaxing and enjoying the summer.  NOT worrying about school! haha 

p.s. I finally made a signature to end my blog posts with :)
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