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Another Japanese cosmetic product review!

I think I've reviewed some other Canmake products before, but they're a drugstore cosmetic brand in Japan.  They're blushes always have good reviews in magazines so I bought these 2 shades last summer to try them out.

Left: PW22, Right: 07
The one on the right is called "Cheek & Cheek" and it's 680 yen.  I have the color 07 Orange Bouquet.  The concept behind the two colors is so that you can layer the blushes to create a dimension / "add depth" to your look.  I usually end up just mixing the two colors together.  All the colors in the "Cheek & Cheek" range have shimmer in them but they're not chunks of glitter so I don't mind the shimmer. The left side is a light salmon-y color and the right is a bright orange.

右のチークは「チーク&チーク」の07オレンジ・ブーケです(680円)。左が薄いピンク・オレンジで右が濃いオレンジ色。2色入っているから各色をどこに入れるかによって立体感を作れる!っていうのが売りみたいですw 私はいつもあんまり考えずに混ぜて使っちゃいます>< ちょっとラメが入ってるけど、すごい大きなラメでもないし、普段使ってて気にならない程度です。
The left one is called "Powder Cheeks" and it retails for 550 yen.  It says on the Canmake website that these blushes have received a #1 rating for blushes.  It's a muted (bright) pink color and it's matte.  Definitely wearable everyday.

The brush that comes with the blushes is actually really good quality! (surprisingly, haha) The only down side is that since they're so small, they're a little inconvenient to use everyday.  I'll use the brushes when I'm doing makeup on the go or if do a overnight stay somewhere.


Even though the packaging for these blushes are clear plastic, the packaging doesn't feel like it's going to break apart.  I think they're actually better quality plastic than some of the other U.S. brand drugstore blushes.  The "Cheek & Cheek"  has a cute design on the edge and it definitely drew me in a little when I was deciding what I wanted to buy. haha

パッケージは透明のプラスチックだけど、アメリカの同じ値段くらいの商品と比べるとキャンメイクのほうがすっごく質がいいですww 特に、「チーク&チーク」は縁にデザインが可愛くて買っちゃいましたw

Swatches (outdoor lighting・外の光):
Top to Bottom (上から下): PW22, 07 darker side(濃い色), 07 lighter side(薄い色), mixed(混ぜた色)
The colors are very vibrant and true to the color in the packaging.

Swatches (indoor lighting・中の光)

Overall, I love these blushes! Definitely a great buy if you are looking for a cheap but good quality blush from the Japanese drugstore.  I know I can't buy Canmake in stores anywhere where I live in the U.S. but maybe if you live near a big Asian market, they would sell these?  Next time I go to Japan, I'm definitely picking up more colors.  


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