Winter Break 2013 Part 2


Happy New Year!

I've been lounging around the house, catching up with friends and not doing much over break....and yet I still feel like I haven't had enough time to sleep. haha

冬休みの間は家でゴロゴロ、友達と遊んだり・・・特になにもしてませんw なにもしてないのに、まだ寝不足感がとれない・・・笑

In Japan, New Years is when you gather with family to celebrate (kind of like Christmas in the U.S.) and you make special "New Years Food"  (kind of like Thanksgiving in the U.S. haha).  Even though my family lives in the U.S. my mom still makes the special "New Years Food" every year :)  Here's a picture of what it all looks like.  Every year January 1st is pretty much a food coma day. haha


I guess it's a bit late but I never did a "What I got for Christmas" haul so here's a little bit of what I got from my best friend:  


She definitely knows what I like. haha
The nail polishes are so pretty and unique.  The Nail Rock one is a velvet texture nail polish.  I already tried it out and it looks so cool.  I took some pictures so it'll be up as a NOTD soon!  I LOVE everything she got me, thank you!!


I hope you guys are having a great day :D

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