NYX Powder Blushes

Today's review is going to be about one of my favorite "drugstore" blushes.  NYX isn't sold at CVS or Walgreens but ULTA and some Targets carry the brand so I'm including them in the drugstore category.  

You can also buy these through the NYX website ($5.00)

And you can usually get a deal at ULTA.  Whenever I go to ULTA, they seem to have a "buy one get one __% off" deal.

Colors (that I own):
Cinnamon - matte bright orange

Pinched - This is the only shimmery one that I own.  It's a great natural blush color.

Mocha - matte pink

Desert Rose - darker matte pink

From L to R: Cinnamon, Desert Rose, Mocha, Pinched

These are so pigmented.  As you can probably tell from the swatches.  Especially Cinnamon and Desert Rose.  

I guess the only downside of these blushes are the packaging.  The plastic is a bit flimsy and feels cheap.  Some of the blushes that I own have cracked lids so I'm thinking about depotting them into a palette.  If you are buying these in a store, try looking for ones that look like they have pretty solid packaging.   

Staying Power: 
I do notice that these blushes fade throughout the day but the fading is gradual.  I don't think it's really much of a problem.  Plus, most blushes end up fading throughout the day anyways.

If someone wanted a recommendation for a great drugstore blush, I would immediately recommend these blushes.  They are cheap but have great color payoff.  They also have a wide range of colors both matte and shimmer finishes. Just as a warning, make sure you use a light hand with darker/more pigmented colors!  After taking the pictures for this blog post, I rediscovered my love(? lol) for pinched and have been using this a lot!

And, kind of as a side note, I'm trying to find some good blushes, so please let me know if you have any recommendations :D

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