Buxom Lip Glosses

I'm so excited to finally review these lip glosses! These are my favorite lip glosses.

From L to R: Mudslide, Cherry Flip, April, Lacey

Lip Cream ($19.00)
Lip Polish ($19.00)
  • Mudslide and Cherry Flip are Full-On Lip Creams.
  • April and Lacey are Full-On Lip Polishes.
Both the lip creams and polishes have the same consistency and scent.  The only difference is that the lip creams and polishes have different finishes.  Lip Creams have no glitter/sparkles in them.  Lip Polishes are glittery.  

 The applicator:
A simple doe foot applicator.

It's a sweet vanilla scent but with a little bit of mint.  

As for the plumping effect of the lip gloss, I don't really notice a huge difference.  But when you put these lip glosses on, you get a tingly feeling - which I love.  

From L to R: Mudslide, Cherry Flip, April, Lacey
  • Mudslide:  Perfect everyday lip color.  
  • Cherry Flip: Bright tomato red.
  • April:  To be honest, this is my least favorite because the lipgloss has a lot of sparkles in it, and not much color payoff.
  • Lacey: This was the first lip gloss that I bought from this line and I love the color.  It's the perfect coral lip color with a little bit of sparkle.
These lipglosses have a bit of bulky packaging.  They're pretty tall - about 1/2 in taller than the Revlon Kissable Balmstains.  And the width of the tube is about the size of a nickel.  Both Lip Creams and Polishes have shiny silver caps.  Lip Creams have a frosted glass-ish (plastic) bottom while Lip Polishes have a clear plastic bottom.  I personally don't mind the size of these glosses.  The packaging has a nice weight to it and I like the design.  

Staying Power:
These glosses aren't meant to be stains so they do come off if you eat/drink (like all glosses).  However, the Lip Creams tend to leave color behind even after the shiny-ness wears off.  As for the Lip Polishes, they don't leave color behind and they don't wear off awkwardly.  

Like I said in the beginning, I love these glosses!! They are my go-to high end lip glosses.  They are a bit pricey... so I can't buy too many...buuuuuut....right now I want to try the Lip Cream in Kir Royale.  It's a rich wine color gloss.  I think it'd be perfect for this season.  

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