NOTD #10

I received this nail polish as part of a glossybox a long time ago.  I decided to paint my nails this color to add a bit of a festive touch to my nails.  Plus, it's the winter season and dark nail colors are always "in" :)

$8 (pixi website and target)

in Evening Emerald

The color looks like a dark navy with a slight green tint when there's not a lot of light on it.  But, when you're in a bright area, the shimmery particles in the polish catch the light and the polish looks more emerald green.

I did three coats on each nail.  I don't think the 3rd coat was necessary since the polish is opaque with just 2 coats.  

The brush bristles are long and skinny.  It's not hard to work with - but if you like the flat and stiff bristles, this might not work well.

Overall, it's not a bad nail polish, because I painted my nails a couple days ago and the polish hasn't shown any chipping:) (I did use my seche vite top coat).  But I've seen the pixi polish displays at Target, and none of them really stand out to me.  If I was going to spend $8 on a nail polish, Essie and OPI usually have a wider selection of unique colors so I would probably end up not buying the pixi polish. But, if you see a color that you like, these have a great formula so I think it'd be a great purchase.  
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