Sleek Face Contour Kit - Medium

I've been interested in the Sleek Makeup brand for a while now and I finally bought my first Sleek product!  I originally wanted to try out their blushes, but I saw a lot of good reviews about this contour kit, so I picked this up instead.  

I have medium, but these kits also come in light and dark.

I'm pretty sure Sleek is a UK makeup brand and you can't buy it in-store in the U.S.  I bought mine through amazon here ($12.99)

You can get it here through the Sleek Website.  ($8.49)

I really like it!  The packaging feels sturdy and the big mirror on the inside is nice too.  The kit is quite thin too, so it's easy to put into your makeup bag.  You only need this kit for both contouring and highlighting which is nice for travel.

Staying Power:
At the end of the day, the bronzer is still noticeable.  The highlight - not so much.  As you can tell in the swatch below, the highlighter is subtle so it's harder to tell.  (But I do like the subtleness).

Color Payoff:
Bronzer - really pigmented.  I was stuck between getting this kit in light or medium because the bronzer looked really dark.  I'm happy that I got the medium though.  the brozner is definitely darker than my benefit hoola, but I like it because I don't need that much to get a noticeable contour.  But you do need to be careful about applying too much.  You don't want to look muddy :/ haha

Highlighter - is subtle.  I own benefit High Beam and Sun Beam and both of those are more intense.  I think the intensity of this highlight can differ depending on what kind of brush you apply it with.  The more dense, the more intense!

Left: bronzer, Right: highlight (this swatch is a bit harder to see)

I really enjoy using this kit!  I'm glad that I tried this out.  It's a part of my everyday makeup routine.  I still use Benefit's hoola but I like to use it for nose contouring because hoola is less intense.  I use the highlighter pretty much everyday.  (And I still haven't hit pan!)   If you're looking for a relatively cheap, compact contouring kit, check this kit out :D
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