NYX Retractable Lip Liner - Sienna

I recently went to ULTA just to look around (which never happens...I always end up buying something. haha) and picked this NYX retractable lip liner up.  I've been wearing a lot of darker lip colors so I wanted a darker red lip liner to use with them.  

I have the color 05 Sienna - a brick red color.  

I bought mine at ULTA for $4.49 (ULTA website) or you can get this at the NYX website (here for $4.50).

I think the packaging is pretty standard for a retractable liner.  I own a couple retractable eyeliners and they have the same packaging structure.  You can easily twist the liner up/down.  I guess the only main difference with this package and the eyeliner packaging is that this lip liner doesn't come with a sharpener.  You could probably easily sharpen this with an eyeliner sharpener but I don't like mixing my products, so I've just been using this dull point. haha It's not much of a problem because I don't need a super precise point.

Color Payoff:
As you can see in the swatch above, this lip liner is very pigmented.  (this is just one swipe!)  And the lip liner is super creamy and it glides on to your lips!  And since its creamy, it doesn't dry out my lips either.  I also really like the color - I've worn just this lip liner a couple times already.  

Staying Power:
With lip liner, my lipsticks tend to last longer.  I wouldn't say that this liner has amazing staying power but I also wouldn't say that it's a bad lip liner.  Pretty standard performance. haha 

I don't own any high-end lip liners, but I don't feel like I really need one.  All my drugstore lip liners work fine for me and this liner is no exception.  I'm glad I picked this up because now I have a darker lip liner to work with.  I think next time I want to try the pencil type NYX lip liner because those also come in a lot of colors.  

Let me know if you guys have favorite lip liners!  I don't have many lip liners right now so I'm on the hunt for some other colors:)
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