Here's a quick NOTD post :)

I haven't had time to paint my nails in a while, so I hadn't been able to use this nail polish even after I bought it.  So the moment I was on break, I painted my nails!

This is Essie's Sparkle on Top.  

It's part of the 2013 luxeffects line of nail polishes.
It's not quite a glitter polish, it has flecks of glittery particles.  And it's SUPER pretty. The glitter particles get dispersed evenly so you don't have to "spread out" the glitter after applying (which sometimes happens with some glitter polishes).

I bought mine at ULTA for $8.50 

I'm sorry about the really bad cuticles....
I have a bad habit of pulling at my cuticles when I get nervous.

I didn't put any top coat on, but this polish has been staying on well! No chipping yet or glitter flaking off.  I used this on it's own but I think it would have a really pretty effect under a light/dark polish too.  Or even as an accent nail.  The way I'm wearing it right now is a nice subtle way to use glittery polish.  I personally think it gives off a wintery effect.  (like snowflakes!).

Next NOTD is definitely going to be a darker polish! I've been wanting to do darker nails for the winter time.
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