Chanel Les 4 Ombres Eye Shadow - 39 Raffinement

This is going to be a review about my first Chanel eye shadow Quad :D

I really didn't need another eye shadow palette but.... I was just really interested in trying out a high-end eye shadow.  haha 

Plus the packaging was so cute.... (I'm such a sucker for packaging...)

You can buy it through Chanel here ($59.00)

Sephora doesn't carry Chanel makeup but you can also go to a Chanel counter at the mall to buy this.

This is the most expensive eye shadow palette I own as of now....
I still can't believe I paid $59 (O_o)

I picked raffinement because it seemed like a palette that I could use everyday.   Recently I've noticed that I never really stray out of my comfort zone of everyday neutral colors. haha

Two darker brown shades, a golden color and a highlight.

39 Raffinement

It came with a nice little velvet pouch.  Maybe for traveling or for keeping your palette scratch-free?  I've only used it once - when I was traveling.  At home, I don't feel the need to use the velvet pouch.

From L to R: Bottom Right, Bottom Left, Top Left, Top Right
All the finishes are shimmery (no mattes).

To be honest, I wasn't blown away by how pigmented or smooth these shadows were.  The shadows aren't too powdery but they also don't have amazing pigmentation like my Urban Decay or Wet n' Wild shadows.  The colors are pretty, but they're nothing too special.  I think they're easily dupe-able or replaceable with similar colors.  

I have nothing bad to say about the packaging.  I love it. It's everything that I like in a palette - sleek, simple and easy to carry around.  The palette comes with a mirror and a sponge tip applicator (which I haven't used).  Opening and closing the palette is easy and the closure is secure.  

Staying Power:
Whenever I wear eye shadow, I always use an eye shadow primer.  These shadows stay on all day without creasing with my primer.  (Usually the Too Faced Shadow Insurance).  

I don't regret buying this product ... but I don't think I'll be buying more Chanel quads for now.  It's a great basic palette to have in my collection and since it's smaller, it's easier to carry around.  BUT, it isn't a must have.  Especially with the price.  

If I was going to buy another high end eye shadow, I would choose to get a color that is unique/something that I don't have already or a palette that has eye shadows with an amazing formula.  If you do want a palette that has great neutral colors, I would still recommend my Naked palette by Urban Decay.  It's $52 but it comes with 12 great quality eye shadows.  

Do you guys have any high-end brand recommendations? What do you think of high end eye shadows?
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