MAC Duo Image Compact Mirror

I've always been on a hunt for good compact mirror that I could slip into my makeup bag.  I wanted one that was sleek, had sturdy packaging, and was simple.  
I was originally eyeing the gorgeous Chanel Miroir Double Facettes but after seeing the price ($42....) I decided that I couldn't justify spending that much on a simple compact mirror. haha 

Here's a picture that I got from the Nordstrom website (here)
So pretty....

Then one day I was on the MAC website looking at their holiday collections and I stumbled across the MAC Duo Image Compact Mirror.  It was simple, sleek, and looked pretty sturdy and with a free 2 day shipping code that I got through my e-mail I decided to buy it. 

You can get to the MAC website through here.

The price was $12.00 and it's still a bit expensive. But I'm planning on using it as long as I can. haha

The compact has a nice weight to it. Opening and closing the compact is easy too.  

There are two mirrors.  One that's normal and the other has a 2x(?) magnification.  I really like how the magnification isn't crazy -  it's just the right amount of magnification so you can easily touch up but not get a super closeup of your pores. haha

Here are a couple picture that show the size of the compact:
It fits nicely in the palm of my hand.

Size comparison with some other makeup items.

Overall, I love this mirror!  I'ts already stowed away in my makeup bag :)  It's easy to use and I like how it looks.  There really isn't much to say...but if you guys are looking for a nice simple compact mirror, try the MAC one! 
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