Kate Spade Brightspot Avenue Stacy

Today isn't a makeup item review... but I've been meaning to do a review on this since I got this for my birthday (July) and its already December....haha

My current wallet is the Kate Spade Brightspot Avenue Stacy in Bright Beryl

Price: $128

The sad part is, they don't sell this color on the website anymore...but they do have other colors right now.  Here's the link for the colors that they are selling right now Kate Spade Website.  The wallet is the same exact structure, just different colors.

The dimensions:
3.5''h x 6.6''w x 0.5''d

I had originally wanted a wallet that had a zipper closure, but when I went to the store to look at the zipper wallets, I felt like they were too big especially since I like to carry smaller purses. This size is perfect.

The back has a zipper pocket so you can put your change in it.

I haven't had any zipper problems or problems with the pocket not being able to hold all of my change.

The wallet has a snap closure. Easy to open and close.
Also, the inside of the wallet is a different color from the outside.  Even the newer wallets all have the same bi-color design.  

As you can see, a lot of card slots:)
I usually like using my card and I'm not a cash type of person, so this wallet is perfect for me.  I also usually have a lot of gift cards and store cards that I keep in my wallet.  It has a total of 12 slots plus an ID card window.

The wallet also has 4 pockets where you can store your cash.  I use one pocket to store my cash, another to store my receipts, another for checks that I get from work, and the last pocket is for random junk. haha

And look! I finally got VIB status at Sephora:)

It's my favorite store card of all. haha When I got this, I also got a free shipping on one order coupon, a 10% off coupon, and a free makeover session voucher.
I feel pretty fancy when I take this out at Sephora. haha
But this also means that I've been spending a lot of money at Sephora...I need to be more careful...haha

I love this wallet.  It was a nice upgrade from my previous wallet/wristlet and it fits everything that I need.  It's also not too bulky so it doesn't get in the way in my purse.  The design is really simple (which is what I wanted) so I could use it for a long time.  I definitely recommend Kate Spade wallets, they're all super cute, and I think if you're looking for a nice, simple wallet that isn't too expensive definitely take a look at this wallet!!

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