All About False Eyelashes (Part 2)

"All About False Eyelashes" Part 2 is about different types of lashes :)
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I've tested and tried many types of false lashes and I've gone through a lot of falsies "phases" throughout my years of wearing lashes. So I'd thought I'd do a post about all the different types that I've used.
1. The first lashes that I bought were the Criss-Cross Type.  These lashes add volume but they look fairly natural.  The longer the criss-cross, the less natural, but in general these are a great everyday lash and beginner lash.  

2.  I couldn't think of a good name for these....The hairs are kind of bundled together.  These give you a wide-eyed super long lash look.  For me, these lashes help me achieve a long lash look that I would never be able to get with just mascara.  These usually have an invisible band so the band looks natural even when you close your eyes.  For those who are looking for length > volume, these are the ones to get!

3. Wispy Lashes.  I loved these for a long time - I still like them, but I don't use them everyday now.  Wispy lashes are so soft and they add volume and length.  They're on the more natural side because the hair length on the lashes are more random.  

4. Spiky Lashes!  These are the "go all out" type of lashes.  They give you a LOT of volume.  But, that also means that they look super unnatural.  There's nothing wrong with lashes that look unnatural if that's that look that you like.  I personally don't use these as everyday lashes because I think they're a little too much for everyday.
The good part about these lashes are that the band/backbone is super thick.  For monolids, these lashes will lift your eyelids up and open up your eyes more.  For double eyelids, you might not want to wear these because the band sticks out too much.  I'm planning on doing another lash post about monolids/double eyelids so please check that out if you're interested!

5.Lastly, the natural type.  These are my current favorites.  They're great for everyday wear.  I'd rather use lashes than mascara because my real lashes will never look as nice with just mascara....haha

These have an invisible band and 100% human hair.  SUPER comfortable to wear.

These don't have an invisible band, but the hairs are soft so it makes it easy to blend with your real lashes.

These are my current favorites!! The lash length is perfect. And the band is thick enough to make my monolids into double eyelids.

These are a bit more glamorous, but I trim the length of the hairs and use these as everyday lashes too.

 Individual lashes are really popular in the U.S.  You can use these as lower false lashes or if you already have great lashes and are just looking for a little volume to amp up your look,  use a couple of these near the outer corner of your eye.  These are easy to put on and they give a nice added touch to your normal makeup look.  Since these are individual lashes, they look really natural.  Unfortunately, I don't think you can reuse these that much.

There are a lot of different types of lashes so I recommend trying different types!

I started off buying lashes from the Japanese 100 yen store (dollar store) and when I found a type that I really liked, I'd buy the more expensive kind.  The most important part is to figure out what kind of final makeup look you want.  Then, decide what type of lashes go with that look.  If you're going to a party and want a bold look, go for the bold lashes!  If you're just wearing them for everyday use, go natural.  Falsies are just like lip and cheek colors, pick ones that go with the look that you want:D
If you have any questions leave a comment below, I'd love to answer!
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