All About False Eyelashes (Part 3)

The last installment of the "All About False Eyelashes" blog posts is about using false eyelashes to create double eyelids.  This post is mainly for monolid girls/guys but please keep reading if you are interested :D

☆☆This trick won't work for everyone, so keep that in mind if you decide to try this trick☆☆

First, I'm just going to show you guys how I do my everyday eye makeup.

1. no makeup.  no crease whatsoever.

 2. Adding some eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and I also curled my upper lashes...but as usual, you can't see them.
I'm sorry about the annoying strand of hair that is in the picture.  I didn't see it until I uploaded the pictures into my computer and at that point I was too lazy to retake the photos. haha

With my eyes closed.  I do have lashes! haha and you can see my upper eyeliner too.  

3. Now comes the falsies part.  I'm using my current favorite falsies.  These are great because they have a thick band/backbone but the lash hairs are short and natural looking.
Kai Beauty Eye Decoration Cute Eyes (Medium Cross)
Kai Website 1,050yen (about $10.50)
Amazon link 880yen (about ($8.80)

putting on the lashes.....and then....

double eyelids!
I add a bit of mascara to blend my real lashes and fake ones.

Here's the finished look!

Some important points:
  • You NEED lashes that have a thick/stiff band.  The heavier your monolids, the thicker/stiffer your band needs to be.

Lashes like these are great for natural looks, but the band isn't stiff at all.  The invisible band ones won't work.

You need lashes like these that have a thick and stiff band.  A lot of Asian lashes have bands like these.

One thing to be careful of when you're looking to buy lashes that have stiff bands:

Lashes like these look like they have a nice stiff band but....

The band is really flexible and not stiff at all.  Flexible bands are comfortable to wear, so they're not a bad thing, but if you are trying to use your falsies to get double eyelids, they won't work.  

Out of all the lashes that I've tried, I've noticed that spiky lashes have the thickest/stiffest bands.  
But, these look super unnatural.  If you like how these look, then definitely pick up a pair of these lashes.  But, I personally think that these lashes are a bit too dramatic for everyday wear. So...what I do to get a stiff enough lash band is to combine to pairs of lashes together.  (wear two pairs of lashes on each eye).  That may sound a bit crazy, but if you choose to layer two pairs of natural looking lashes with a thinner band, the bands combine together and create a stiff/thick band.  I think that layering the lashes looks more natural than wearing the spiky ones. haha

Now, I don't layer my lashes because my eyes seem to have gotten used to where the fake crease is.  I just wear the one pair of lashes that I mentioned above.  But, sometimes if I don't get enough sleep/cry a lot and my eyes get puffy, I'll need to layer two pairs to lift up my eyelids.

Ever since I discovered this trick, I've been able to do a wider variety of makeup looks both monolid and double eyelid.  So if you have monolids, definitely try this trick out and let me know how it goes!

So this is the end of my "All About False Eyelashes" series. I hope you guys enjoyed it! and thank you for reading until the end:)

Here are the links to part 1 and part 2 if you're interested!
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If you have any questions, please comment below:D
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