All About False Eyelashes (Part 1)

I started to write a blog article about false lashes and I realized that I had a loooot to say about falsies.  haha So instead of having a super long blog post, I decided to split it up into parts.  

The first part is about the basics:
Looking back at when I first started to wear falsies, I wish someone had told me these here's a list of things to keep in mind when you wear falsies:)
  • ALWAYS make sure you cut your lashes to fit your eye length.  Especially for us Asian girls, lashes straight out of the package are too long for our eyes.  After removing the lashes, place them on your eye and find the part that sticks out.  Trim the edges with a pair of small scissors. This prevents your lashes from lifting throughout the day and prevents your lashes from poking your eye throughout the day.  
It's important to trim your lashes, even if the part you're cutting off isn't a big piece.  This will make a difference.

I use a pair of brow scissors that I bought from the dollar store (100 yen store) in Japan.  The pointed tip makes it easy to cut lashes.

  • It's also important to know a little about lash bands/backbones.
These have an invisible band and they are super comfortable to wear.  I would recommend these to people who have big eyes/double eyelids.  

These have a thick/stiff band/backbone and they look a little more unnatural.  But, I would recommend these for Asian girls.  Especially those of us with monolids because the thick band can push up your eyelid up and make your eyes look bigger (or sometimes give you double eyelids). I'm going to be doing a separate post about this later on so please read that blog post if you're interested!

  • ALWAYS carry lash glue with you.  You never know when your lashes are going to lift up around the edges.  I just keep one in my makeup bag and one at home.  My favorite glue is the D.U.P Eyelashes Fixer EX.  I wrote a review about it a while ago, so here's the link.  
Sometimes lashes come with glue, but I don't like using these.  Most of them are unreliable.  

One last thing about glue,  make sure you only use a thin layer and wait until the glue becomes a little bit tacky.  (don't put your lashes on when the glue is super water-y)

  • ALWAYS curl your real lashes before putting on falsies.  If you don't, it'll look like you have two sets of lashes.  Your natural ones pointing down and your falsies pointing up.

  • You can re-use your lashes! You just need to take good care of them.  The number of times you can reuse them depends on the brand/quality.  
I keep my lashes in this case that I got a while ago from D.U.P.

If you don't store them nicely, they get dirty and the band loses its this one.

It's okay to use a bit of mascara with your falsies.  Just make sure to take off the mascara.  I just gently rub on the lashes and the mascara falls off.  But, using mascara will give your falsies a shorter "life span". 

It's also important to take off the glue.  I would suggest taking off the glue when you take your lashes off.  If you keep putting off taking off the glue, the glue starts to build up and your lashes look dirty and the glue doesn't come off easily.

Left: with glue, Right: after taking off glue

Left: with glue, Right: after taking off glue

  • I put on my lashes directly with my fingers, but I know some people prefer tweezers.  The only thing to be careful about tweezers is to not squeeze your falsies too hard because the tweezers can cause the hairs to dent.

Falsies can be hard to put on at first, but it gets a lot easier with practice :)

I think that's all I can think of right now,  I hope it was helpful! 

If you have any questions, please comment below! I'd love to reply:) 

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