Cleaning Out My Makeup Collection - 2013

At the end of the year, I like to clean out my room and throw away things (that I don't need) to start fresh in the new year.  Doing a big cleaning session always helps me get into the feeling of a new year.  

To be honest, I am quite a hoarder.  I hate throwing things away.  But as I've grown older, I've started to get better at throwing things away.  I follow the rule of "have I used this over the past year?"  It's a pretty good way to evaluate how much you really need it or you're just hoarding it.  haha

I'm definitely a makeup collector, so it's especially hard to throw makeup products away even if I know that I'm not using it.  And makeup does expire, so you do need to throw things away...

Pretty much all these items, I've had over 2 years and just never threw them away. The mascaras smelled gross, the foundations changed colors, eyeshadows were dusty, eyeliners were dried out...etc. You get the idea, it was just time to throw these out.  haha

I'm actually kind of surprised at myself! haha

I guess I'm going to get back to other cleaning, now that my makeup collection is cleaned out :)

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