Sation Nail Lacquer - Of Corset I'll Call You

I got this Sation Nail Lacquer in my April 2013 ipsy Glam Bag, and I wanted to do a separate review since nail polishes are hard to review without actually using it.

These retail for $5 on the miss professional nail website.
So cheaper than Essie or OPI but a little bit more expensive than some drugstore polishes. I haven't seen these in the stores I go to so I'm not sure whether they sell them in stores or if its just an online brand.
You can see other colors/buy them by clicking here.

I got the color Of Corset I'll Call You - a bubble gum pink
which I think is perfect for spring :)


I think this color is a perfect bubble gum pink color for my skin tone.
I bought Essie's french affair since I wanted a girly pink color, but that was too light for my skin tone.  This one isn't too light or too dark so I really love the color.(I don't own anything like it)
I also think this color makes my skin look a little bit more tanner. haha

I love the finish it gives, I did use the seche vite top coat on top but even before I used the top coat, the finish was glossy and somewhat of a jelly like finish.

The brush isn't flimsy and it has a nice width to it so I can coat my nails easily in 1 -2 strokes depending on which nail. Thicker than Essie brushes, but a little bit smaller than OPI (in my opinion).

The only downside would be the opaqueness.
To get the color I have in my swatches, I had to go over my nails 4 ~5 times.
The first coat was so sheer it was almost clear when it dried.
So the color is definitely build-able, I don't know whether this applies to all colors for this brand or not.  It might just be because this is a sheer pink color.  

As for the lasting power, I just painted them yesterday so I don't know how long this nail polish will hold up, but so far, I haven't had any chips or flaky-ness that you sometimes get from really cheap polishes.  If I experience a lot of chips over the next couple of days, I'll come back and edit this blog post. haha

Overall, I'm really enjoying the color and if I could pick them up somewhere in stores I might try out some of their other colors.  If you guys know where to get these in stores, please let me know:) and as usual, if you have any questions, I'd love to answer them!


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