Estee Lauder All-Day Lipstick 07 Rosewood

Here's another lip stick review, Estee Lauder's All-Day Lipstick in 07 Rosewood
今回はEstee Lauder の All-Day Lipstick の 07 Rosewoodです。

The All-Day lipstick's retail for $18.50 on the website, but they don't have this lipstick color anymore :/ You could probably find it on other websites though.
Estee Lauderのサイトでは各口紅$18.50で売ってるけど、見てみたら、この色はもう売ってなかった><でも、多分他のウエブサイトとかで見つけられると思う。

I picked this up at a CCO so that explains why the color isn't on the website I guess.   The main reason why I got this was so I could expand my pink lipstick collection.  I realized that I didn't have any straight up pink colors and this one seemed like a normal pink color. haha I know my reason for getting this was pretty lame but I guess that explains why I just can't stop buying makeup :/ haha


Here's a swatch:
I think it looks like of red in this, but on my lips its definitely pink.

  • The wear time is normal for a lipstick around 3-4 hours before touching up?
  • The packaging is cute. I like the pure color crystal lipstick packaging better since you can see the color on the bottom but since I only have one of these that's not really a problem for me. 
  • It doesn't dry out my lips either, but since it is a lipstick, its not super moisturizing.  If your lips are flaky, the flakes will stick out.

  • The only thing that I don't really like is the smell.  Well, I could go both ways with the smell. I think it smells like old fashioned makeup.  Like old powders or something. BUT, the smell also kind of reminds me of my mom's old lipsticks that she had so it brings back memories. haha I suggest that if you are really picky with lipstick scents, you should try it on at the counter before you buy it.  My other estee lauder lipstick smells faintly of roses, but this one doesn't have that same smell. 
    一番好きじゃない点は、やっぱり口紅の匂い。多分私は匂いにうるさい人だと思うww 簡単に説明すると・・・古い化粧品の匂いがする。なんか古いお粉みたいな。でも、昔お母さんが使ってた口紅も同じような匂いだったから、ちょっと思い出深い(?)匂いかもww 私の他のestee lauderの口紅は若干バラの匂いがするけど、これは全然。私みたいに匂いが結構気になる人だったら、カウンターで試してみてから買った方がいいかも。

Overall, I think this was an okay purchase, not my favorite lipstick but not my least favorite either. I do use it sometimes so its not buried deep in my lipstick drawer but I do have to remind myself to use it sometimes.  I don't think I'd buy the other shades though since if I'm going to pay $18.50 for a lipstick, I'd rather buy another MAC lipstick.

Let me know if you guys have any questions!

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