Large Stud Earrings

This is going to be a large stud earring collection post... I guess?

Recently I started to get into stud earrings more since they are easier to wear with casual outfits, and I thought I'd do a collection post.  I usually just buy these types of earrings at Forever 21 so not much of a variation :/ haha
大体全部Forever 21で買ったんだけど、日本で買ったのもある気がする。

Left: I bought it in Japan last year, Right: Forever 21
左:日本の雑貨やさん、右:Forever 21

Forever 21

Both(両方): Forever 21

Both(両方): Forever 21

Claire's in Japan

Right now I'm looking for more vintage inspired earrings so hopefully I can find some when I go shopping again.  If you guys know of any stores that sell cute large stud earrings, please let me know! I definitely want to check that out.

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