Current Lanyard

My current lanyard that I'm using for my car keys and license is from Coach. I got it at a coach outlet though so I think it was only about $25? 

I really liked how the pattern wasn't the typical coach "c" pattern and I liked the gold finish of the lanyard itself.  Before this I had used a Vera Bradley lanyard but it got too dirty I needed a replacement.

I only thing I keep on my lanyard is my license because then I don't drive my car without my license and plus there really isn't much space to keep anything besides my license in it.

I've been using this for about 5 months now and I haven't had any problems and the white part (which I thought was going to get dirty easily) isn't dirty either:)
The clasp is really durable and I haven't had any problems with it popping open randomly either.  I love this lanyard and since its holding up so well, I probably won't have to replace it any time soon :D

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