Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in 14 Rose Petal

Today's review is about an Estee Lauder lipstick!

 I really don't remember when I got this....but its been in my collection for quite a long time. Haha
 Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal lipstick in 14 Rose Petal 
$25 on the Estee Lauder website

 I'm pretty bad at explaining colors....but I'd say this is a pink/rose and its not a bright pink, more darker and muted. No sparkles/glitter particles and it gives a nice sheen when you apply it - not matte.

 Here's a swatch:

Wear time: probably about 4-5 hours or so? I apply in the morning and its usually faded by lunch time.

It doesn't make my lips chapped at all, very moisturizing.  I wouldn't be able to use this instead of a lip balm or anything but it doesn't leave my lips dry.

The only thing that bugs me a little is the scent. I think it's supposed to smell like roses? but I just don't like the scent... The scent goes away after applying it, so its not bad but I just love the MAC lipstick scent so much that I just can't get used to this one.

Overall, it was a good purchase.  But, I'm not super impressed with the color or the wear time enough to feel like buying more.  For now I'm just going to stick with this one. haha

I like this color for spring, and its a pretty wearable everyday color so I need to start wearing it more often!

If you have any questions, please comment :)
I'd love to answer them! 

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