MAC Matte Lipstick

Another MAC lipstick review!

This time I'm reviewing a matte finish lipstick.
The shade: Taupe
Price: $15.00
I only own one matte shade. So I can't really compare it with other mattes but I love this shade.  I initially saw Jenn from clothesencounters wearing it in one of her videos and it looked so good on her I had to get it. Pretty much anything that Jenn wears looks good though. haha 

Here's her youtube link: clothesencounters

Here's a swatch:

This is the perfect color, it looks so sophisticated. And it makes me look older I think? haha I use it for formal occasions mostly and when I need to pull together an outfit with a somewhat neutral lip color.

I think the wear time is longer than a lustre finish MAC lipstick, probably around 5 hours? I also always thought that mattes just made your lips dry or they made your dry lips stick out more, but I didn't notice that with this lipstick.  However, if your lips are dry, you definitely need to moisturize them. 

Other than that, I definitely recommend this color:D
and like I said before with other MAC lipstick reviews, MAC lipsticks are my favorite so I love the formulation as well!

If you guys know any other matte lipstick colors I should try out, let me know! I'd love to try out other matte shades.

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