Canmake Jewel Star Eyes (eyeshadow)

A Japanese Product Review!

Canmake Jewel Star Eyes - cream eyeshadow
in #10
580 yen・円

Here's a swatch, its a little hard to see:
I bought this when I went to Japan last summer.  At the drugstore they had a tester and obviously I had to test it...and when I did, it was pure glitter. haha
But the formula was really interesting because its glitter but, since its a cream eyeshadow, the glitter didn't have too much fallout.
去年の夏日本に帰った時に薬局に寄った時に買ったのー。試せるようになってたから、手につけてみたら、ラメラメラメ、キラキラキラってなって。ラメ感が好きで買っちゃったww しかも、普通のラメ・シャドーとかだと、つけた後にラメが移動して顔の至る所にラメがついたりするけど、それが全然ないの!

Which leads to my next point, this wears for a really long time without much fall out.  I don't use a eyeshadow base with this and the sparkles stay on for the whole day.  It's perfect for when you want hint of sparkle in your eyeshadow, or I guess you could go all out with the sparkles too. haha I've also been using this as a base and it works too.

The way I use this for an everyday eyeshadow look is to just dab your finger lightly in the eyeshadow then pop it in the center of your eyelid to make the center part of your eyelids pop.  It's simple and you don't overdo the glittery-ness for everyday makeup.

They have 8 different colors, I bought the normal silver sparkle one since I thought I wouldn't use any colorful glittery eyeshadow on a normal basis.

Overall, I like this cream eyeshadow, it's one of my favorites since its so easy to use and it wears for the whole day without much fallout.  So if you're looking for a good sparkly cream shadow and can get your hands on this one, try it out:) It's inexpensive too so its easy to try out.
簡単に使えて、一日中持つし、ラメが落ちていかないし、安いww ラメ・シャドーを探してる人は試してみてください^^

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