NYX Collection Chocolaté Liquid Brown Liner

Ever since my trusty MSH love liner eyeliner dried out (old blog post here), I've been on the hunt for another brown eyeliner.  That's when I found this at ULTA. I only picked up the liquid liner, but I saw some pencil liners and twisty eyeliners (you know the ones that twist up? haha) that all had the "Collection Chocolaté" mark on them so there's a whole line, if you want to check that out (here).

NYX website ($6.00)
ULTA Website ($5.99)

I really like how the cap of the eyeliner (the side that has the brush) is very long.  It makes it easy to hold and draw on your eyeliner.  The entire packaging is very simple... it looks like a brown marker. haha  I've kept this in my makeup bag a couple times for traveling but I haven't had any problems with this leaking.  To sum it up, the packaging is practical. Nothing too special or cute or stylish. haha

Here's the brush tip:
When I picked this up, I thought that the tip would be thicker or more felt-tip like, but it's actually a really thin brush tip.  It's probably the skinniest brush tip liquid eyeliner I own right now.  It's even skinnier than the Wet and Wild Mega Liner eyeliner.  But even though the brush tip is skinny, the brush bristles aren't flimsy.  

And the skinny brush head doesn't mean that you can only draw thin lines with it!  If you lay the brush on it's side, you can get thicker lines and by using the point of the brush, you can get a super skinny line.  Depending on how thin you want your line to be, the color payoff varies.  

It's a bit darker than my MSH love liner, but it's lighter than the Wet and Wild Mega Liner in Dark Brown.  The name of the product does make sense because the color looks like chocolate.  (no chocolate-y scent though. haha)  Especially since this is a liquid eyeliner, the eyeliner looks exactly like the color of melted chocolate :)

Staying Power:
This is not a waterproof eyeliner.  It's comes off with water and a bit of rubbing (not scrubbing).  So I wouldn't recommend using this when you need a waterproof eyeliner.  It's great for everyday use though.  Excluding water, after this dries, it doesn't budge.  My eyes do get water-y sometimes, but slight watery-ness doesn't take this off.  

This eyeliner wasn't originally what I was looking for - I wanted a thicker brush eyeliner, but I've actually ended up using this eyeliner quite a lot.  I've found out that it's great for doing a cat eye because the long brush tip helps me draw the cat eye angle easily.  It's similar to the Wet and Wild Mega Liner, so if you already have that, you can probably skip this product.  
I wouldn't recommend this to a makeup beginner though.  Thin brush tip eyeliners are hard to start out with and since the tip is super skinny on this one, it would make it harder to work with.  (I would recommend a felt tip or pencil to beginners.)  Other than that, I don't have any complaints about this product - it's a good buy if you are looking for a skinny brown liquid eyeliner!

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