NOTD #11

Here's another quick NOTD!

I got this nail polish from my best friend as part of my Christmas present and I finally got around to painting my nails.  After school started, I haven't had much time to paint my nails :(

Urban Outfitters Website ($5.00 regular price)
Sometimes they're on sale for 2 for $8.00

The color is "Pluto"
It's a cobalt blue color with tiny silver-y sparkles in it.  
The sparkles are all the same size.  

*the green stain was not originally there* haha

I love this color and the tiny sparkles in it!  The only bad part would be that I didn't see this color on the Urban Outfitters it might be sold out online :/

This was my first time trying out an Urban Outfitters nail polish, but so far I like the consistency and formula!  The color was opaque in 2 coats and looks like a "jelly" type nail polish.  I haven't had any chipping yet (I've had this on for 2 days now) which is good!  (Update: I noticed some chipping after the 3rd day...and chunks started to flake off 4/5th day.  So the staying power isn't that good :/ )I also like the brush.  The brush is more on the thicker side but not flat.  It was easy to paint my nails with.  The glitter was also evenly distributed on my nail which is good because sometimes the glitter can clump together and you have to spread the glitter out yourself.  

Have you guys tried any of the Urban Outfitters nail polishes?  Do you have any color recommendations?  Let me know :D
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