Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow in 43 Polished Platinum

I thought I'd add a bit of festivity to this blog post :) haha  I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day!  

Now, on to today's review... Now that I think of it, to make this post more festive I could have chosen a pink product to talk about, but too late. haha  

I usually don't buy many high-end eyeshadows (especially single eyeshadows) since I like to use palettes, but for some reason I've had this in my makeup collection for a long time and it's about time I reviewed it! haha

43 Polished Platinum (Shimmer)

I love how the packaging looks!  The gold lid, the clear bottom, even the gold rim on the eyeshadow looks nice and luxurious.  But... it's a bit hard to open - the lid closes really tightly.  For size, the packaging is much bulkier and thicker than MAC single eyeshadows, which makes sense since this comes with an inside mirror and an eyeshadow applicator. 

Compared to some of the other eyeshadows that I own, this one seems a bit chalk-y :/  It's also a very light color so it doesn't show up much either.  I had to go over the swatch a couple times to get the color to show up for the swatch.  I don't own any other Estee Lauder eyeshadows so I can't say that I don't like the consistency of all of their shadows, but I don't really like the formula/consistency of this one.  

In the pan, the eyeshadow looks dark grey but it's actually a very light silver-y color.  There aren't any big chunks of glitter, but its a shimmery finish.  Definitely a highlight color,  I use this either on my entire eye for days that I don't really want to do much with eyeshadow or use it near the inner corner, lower lash line for an eye brightening effect.  

I'm not that impressed with this eyeshadow... The color is light and I have so many other eyeshadows that I can use to get a better color payoff with the same shimmery highlight color.  As of now, I'm not planning on buying any other eyeshadows from this line, unless I see and swatch something that I think is unique.  I think I said this in my Chanel eyeshadow quad review, but for me the quality wasn't up to par with the price that you pay for these shadows. 

Let me know your comments about Estee Lauder eyeshadows if you've tried them before.  I don't own any others so I want to know how the other ones compare! :)
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