The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick

A couple weeks ago when I went to the mall with my friend, The Body Shop was having a half off sale(?) on some products - I think.  I don't really remember now >_< but that's when I picked up this lipstick.  I saw some swatches of these Colour Crush lipsticks online and they looked pretty promising. They are usually $12.50 but I got mine for half the price.  I would definitely wait for The Body Shop sales, they usually have pretty good sales :)

The Body Shop

The packaging is pretty simple.  Nothing special but I also don't really have anything bad to say about it either.  It does feel a bit cheap compared to MAC lipsticks which are just a couple dollars more expensive.  The cap has a clear top, but since the cap is tinted, you can't really figure out what color the lipstick is from just looking at the top.  The bottom sticker matches the lipstick color.  

I picked up the color 130. I looked online to see if it had a name, but I couldn't find it....It seems like these lipsticks have color ranges,  (nudes, reds, pinks) and they are organized by their lid color.  Color 130 was in the red range.  I would describe this as a medium coral.

These have a faint fruity scent - I can't decide on what fruit it is, I think it has a sweet watermelon/apple like scent.  The scent isn't overpowering and I think most people won't mind it.  

Frost - Even though my swatch picture isn't the best quality, you can still see the sparkles/frosty finish of this lipstick.

 Staying Power:
These have normal staying power, probably about  3-4 hours without eating/drinking.  For this lipstick, after the color wears off I noticed some sparkles remaining on my lips.

I would say this was a "miss" product for me.  I usually don't like frosty lipsticks and I think that the frosty finish is the main reason I don't like it.  In the store, it didn't look very frosty and the color looked nice (I'm pretty sure the sale also had something to do with me picking this up. haha) I like the color, texture, scent of this - just not the finish.  I might try out a creme finish in the same line, if I see another sale going on.  I think that these are a bit overpriced at their full price, but they are nice lipsticks if you can get them on sale.  

Have you guys tried any other Body Shop cosmetics? 

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