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If you saw my cumulative haul post, here, you probably saw that I've been buying a lot of new lip products and many of my recent reviews have been mostly lip product reviews.  Today I'm switching it up and doing a blush review that I've been meaning to do for a while now.

The Clinique Cheek Pop blushes were just released this Spring and comes in 4 different colors.  For some reason, on the Clinique website you can't buy Ginger Pop but you can still get it on Sephora.

Clinique $21.00 (3 colors)
Berry Pop, Plum Pop, Peach Pop
Sephora $21.00 (4 colors)
Berry Pop, Plum Pop, Ginger Pop, Peach Pop

I have to admit, I originally picked this up because I couldn't resist how cute the packaging/blush was.  It was just so perfect for Spring. haha The blush comes in a clear but very sturdy plastic package and it has a nice weight to the packaging.  It's not the type of flimsy plastic packaging that you might get at the drugstore.  And the blush, as you can probably see, is engraved with a flower design. so pretty.

After swatching all of the blushes at Sephora, I decided on peach pop because I felt like I owned similar colors to the other blushes and for some reason I gravitate toward orange colors in the spring/summer.  Peach pop is a coral-y pink (peach) color.  This is definitely a buildable blush.  On the first swipe, I didn't get much color so the swatch is with 3 swipes of product.

There are not visible chunks of glitter/sparkles in the blush but you do get a bit of a sheen when you apply it.  I think a slight sheen on blushes make them look more natural looking than completely matte ones, so I like these types of finishes.


Staying Power:
I've noticed that a lot of the blushes that I own fade throughout the day but this one lasts a bit longer than the others.  I wouldn't say that this is my longest wearing blush, but it lasts over half a day for me (probably about 6 hours).

I also didn't mention that this product has a very unique texture.  In the packaging it's very dense and non-powdery but it applies like a powder blush.  But since it's not really a powder blush, you don't get the powdery mess that some powder blushes can make.  I like the product formula, but the one downside would be that you need to build up the color.  For some reason my brush doesn't pick up the product too well in just one swipe.  Other than that, I really like it and would probably try out a different color if they expand the line :)

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