Makeup Cleanout #1

For some random reason, I felt like my makeup collection needed a little cleaning session and being a huge makeup hoarder that I am, I came up with only a couple items that needed to be thrown out >_<  

I know I have a lot more makeup products that are way past their expiration date...but I guess I'll leave those until another day. haha

So before I throw out these products, I thought I'd do a mini-review like an empty products post.

  1. em lash gallery mascara - this came in an ipsy glam bag last November so it was way past the 3 month mascara expiration date.  I liked it but... I didn't think it was that special.  The retail price is $16 which I though was too expensive for a normal performing mascara.
  2. L'oreal Voluminous false fiber lashes mascara - Another mascara that was past its 3 month expiration date. haha I usually don't like fiber mascaras from US drugstore brands because the fibers fall out throughout the day but this one held up throughout the day! I used this mostly as a bottom lash mascara and this was great for lengthening.  The wand was skinny (and long) so it was easy to use for my bottom lashes.
  3. Wet n Wild 904B - I bought this a loooong time ago and I think I picked up a defective product.  This lipstick was super dry to begin with but I just couldn't throw it away. The color was nice though, a dark rose color probably best fit for the fall season.
  4. Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer 335 light/medium - This product was a "miss" product for me. The coverage was okay but the product dried really cake-y on my skin.  The color was also a bit off from my skin tone too.
  5. Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Tac-Free Mineral Face Powder in Beige - I liked this powder a lot, but this got lost in my makeup collection :'( and I ended up forgetting about this #makeuphoarderproblems. haha I'm throwing it away because I didn't want to risk breaking out since this powder was old.  But, I do recommend this :D (a great drugstore brand powder).
  6. Elf Cream Eyeliner in Coffee - I really liked this product but this dried out >_< I hadn't used it for a while and then when I unscrewed the lid...the eyeliner just popped out D: The lid seemed pretty tight though... :/ (I have a more in depth review here)
Have you cleaned out your makeup collection recently? It's always good to go through your collection once in a while to rediscover some items you've forgot about :D
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