NYX Butter Gloss

The NYX Butter Glosses have been quite popular with beauty bloggers and since it was a "drugstore" product, I picked up 2 shades.

Left: Peaches and Cream
Right: Peach Cobbler

The package itself is slightly longer than a normal lipstick tube, and it has the typical lip gloss packaging structure.  The whole packaging is plastic and the color of the tube reflects that color of the gloss.  All the different shades have different colored packaging so it's easy to see which one you want to pick out.

It's a standard doe foot applicator.  Nothing special, but it also applies the product nicely and is easy to use.

I'm pretty sure that both of these have the same scent so I'm guessing that all the other butter glosses have a similar scent as well.  It's a sweet vanilla/candy like scent.  I don't think it's too overpowering though.  I sometimes don't like vanilla-y scents but I don't mind the scent of these glosses.

Peaches and Cream - medium pink, blue undertones
Peach Cobbler -orange-y red, yellow undertones
As you can probably see from the swatches below, they have quite a bit of color payoff even though they are glosses.

Staying Power:
Because these are a gloss, they will wear off more easily compared to lipsticks and stains.  But, I think they have a relatively longer staying power especially if you don't eat/drink.  They fade naturally and since they are very creamy they keep your lips moisturized too.

These don't have any glitter in them (which I like!) and they have a glossy finish when you first apply them but as they wear off, they leave behind a little bit of color.  Not enough to stain your lips though.

Left: Peaches and Creme, Right: Peach Cobbler

I love these 2 colors!  I like to use these when I want color on my lips but something more moisturizing than a lipstick.  These colors don't accentuate the lines on my lips, but I did read some reviews/heard people saying that with the lighter colors, the gloss sunk into the their lip lines.  I might try out one lighter color and see how it applies, but I think I'd rather pick up another brighter color. I would recommend Peach Cobbler for the summer season!
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