Random Post #4

It's been really really humid and hot where I live and our air conditioning conveniently decided to stop working this week soooo I've been stuck dealing with this hot weather with my fan...haha

Last week was a pretty busy week...hence no time for blog posts :/

Friday was probably the busiest day, I had a Physics midterm, work, then I had dinner with my friend :)  

We went out to eat at a sushi place and they had outdoor seating which was perfect since the whether had started to cool down. I don't remember the names of the rolls but the spicy crab meat one was my favorite. yummm.

Then there was an ice cream place located right across the street so we went and got some ice cream to eat as well. haha
I got a combination of banana ice cream + strawberry ice cream. 

These pictures are making me hungry again...haha

Back to school stuff, I only have one more week until summer semester is over!!
And then of course finals week.  But since I'm only taking 3 classes, it won't be as rough? Actually, I'm not so sure....I know this weekend I'm going to spend it studying alllll weekend D:

I'll be back to more blogging once I'm on actual summer break, I can't wait :D

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