Lilly Pulitzer 2013 - 2014 Agenda - Update!

Guess what came in the mail a couple days ago!!! :D

I'm a little late on the blog post, but I immediately posted a picture on twitter because I was so excited. haha blog twitter

My Lilly Pulitzer 2013 - 2014 agenda!!!!

I guess you would already know from the title...but, I was so excited :)

When I pre-ordered my agenda, it said that it would ship by July 19th so I wasn't expecting it to be so soon. but now that it's here... I LOVE IT :)

It's more thicker than I expected. Not that it's really a problem,

And the pages are so colorful and I love the design/artwork.  I'm definitely going to enjoy using this planner!

Each month has a different design on it.  
The only thing that I was a little disappointed about was the first actual page of the planner is flipped. I don't know if it was just mine or if other people had the same problem but the green page below should have been facing the front of the planner, but the holes are punched on the wrong side:/

I'm pretty sure this page flip isn't really going to affect me a lot so it doesn't matter, but if you do buy yours in person, you should definitely check that out.

Overall, I can't wait until August so I can actually start using this planner!
It's too cute >_< haha 
Definitely a good purchase:D


  1. I like it!! I love getting new planners, but after like the first week I forget to keep writing in them xD Or back in high school I did write in them, but never looked at it haha

    1. Thank you so much for your comment :D
      I can relate to that new-planner feeling! haha

      I think I'm a bit of an organizer-freak so I tend to obsess over my planner:)