I hadn't had much time to paint my nails recently so I wasn't able to do any NOTD posts for a while :/ but I'm back today with a simple french nail NOTD!

I used to struggle doing french nails and I never liked how they turned out but after finding the "erasing method" (I don't even know what it's really called...haha) I've been pretty satisfied with my french nails! 

I'll definitely do a how-to post for french nails when I have the time (probably in August when I'm done with summer semester).

When I was doing my nails my friend brought over some nail art stuff that she bought and she gave me this sparkly ribbon nail art  piece.  I was just playing around with it and I thought it kind of looked cute to have an accent nail.  I didn't glue it on though, I'm saving it for some time else. haha :)

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