NYX Butter Gloss - Creme Brule & Eclair

I previously did a review on the NYX butter glosses here, but I wanted to update that article with two more butter glosses that have been added to my collection.  I'm not going to re-review these glosses so click the link above to see what I wrote before.  BUT, I will say that these are one of my favorite drugstore lip glosses :)

I was influenced by Claire from heyclaire on Youtube to get the color Creme Brulee.  I got Eclair in the June 2014 ipsy glambag.  Both of these colors are out of my comfort zone - color wise. I usually gravitate toward bright pigmented colors rather than nudes and pale pinks.  

For me, Creme Brulee is a bit too nude and it doesn't cover my natural lip color so I have been using it over bright lip colors to tone them down a little.  It creates a perfect milky color mix with bright colors.  If you have a lighter natural lip color, you could probably get away with wearing this by itself.

I was originally skeptical about how pale pink Eclair was, but this has surprised me as well!  I can actually wear this lip gloss on its own and it looks good especially since it doesn't nude out my lips completely.  I also like to layer this one with darker pink lipsticks for a more glossy baby pink look.  

I think the main difference between these glosses and the two that I had reviewed previously is the pigmentation.  These two shades are much lighter, so if you have fine lines on your lips, they do become noticeable (especially with Creme Brulee).  The darker colors are so pigmented, they don't accentuate the fine lines.


These were taken under direct sunlight so the glosses look much more pigmented.  For people with darker natural lip colors, your natural lip color will show through for both of these shades.

L: Creme Brulee, R: Eclair

I'm glad that I have both of these colors in my lip gloss collection.  They are different from most of the glosses that I own and they are great quality for the price! (They're $4.99 at Target and sometimes you can even get them for cheaper when they go on sale at ULTA).  

Do you guys own butter glosses? Do you like them? And also, let me know if there are other butter gloss shades that I need to try out!

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