I recently took off my shellac nails and after having shellac on for 2 weeks, my nails had grown quite a bit without chipping!! (my nails usually start to chip when they grow longer).  I decided to look online for some nail inspiration and came across the "half french" nail design.  (If you type "ハーフフレンチ ネイル" into Google image search you'll get a ton of cute nail design results!) They're not as hard as normal french nails because you don't need to be as precise.

I also decided to mix it up and go for a couple different colors and some design.  The dots were created by dipping the tip of a paperclip in nail polish and then placing it lightly on the nail.  I also used the studs that I purchased a while back from amazon.  (you can read more about it here).

I used:
From L to R:
  • imm Out the Door topcoat
  • Zoya - Neely
  • essie - Lapiz of Luxury
  • essie - Sand Tropez
  • pa (Japanese brand) -  A30
  • OPI Nail Envy used as a base coat (not pictured)

I like how cute and easy this nail design was; I hope you guys liked it too!

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