Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipstick - Tannin

I'm pretty sure I have a weakness for red lipsticks. I picked this one up as a "fall red" - if such a thing exists. haha 

I didn't own any Bite Beauty lipsticks (I do have a lip pencil) and since I kept on hearing good reviews, I finally decided to get one!

Plus, Bite Beauty products are made with food grade ingredients so you can eat your lipstick (that sounds a bit weird but you know what I'm trying to say, right? haha) 

Sephora ($24)


The packaging is so unique and cute! The packaging has a nice rubbery matte finish (similar to the Nars product packaging). And the unique part is that the cap shape is different depending on the type of color? (I think) The one that I have has a curved tip.  I think they're supposed to represent how different people's lipstick looks like as they use it.  I'm a perfectionist when it comes to using lip products, so I like to keep the original slanted shape. haha

Scent: Bite beauty lip products all have the same kind of scent.  It might be because they're made of natural ingredients, but it has a "natural" type of scent. It doesn't bother me but it's definitely not a floral-y/sweet scent like other lipstick brands. I also think the scent disappears after the original application.

Lasting Power: I wore this out one night without bringing this lipstick with me to touch up and it lasted me a good 4 hours (with lip liner).  I also fell asleep with it on ><; and it didn't dry out my lips! I also had a nice stain when I woke up. haha

Sephora describes this as poppy red and it looks like a brighter red in this swatch, but in real life I think it has a bit more of a darker finish.  I like to use this with a darker lip liner to make it a bit more vampy looking.
I definitely recommend Bite Beauty lipsticks! They do live up to the hype! :)They are so pigmented, but moisturizing, non-irritating and apply so smooth.  I guess the only thing I wish they would do would be to add more colors.  I was looking at their pinks/nudes and I didn't see any that really stood out to me.  I would definitely want to expand my collection if I found other colors I wanted!
Have you guys tried Bite Beauty products? What are your favorites?

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