Nail Polish Rack

After saying that I wanted a nail polish rack for the looooongest time, I finally decided to get one:D 

There were a couple of different brands that sold acrylic nail polish racks but I went with the "90 Bottles Nail Polish Wall Rack" which was shipped and sold by "The Supply Source - Idonails". I had never bought anything from this store before, but the package came earlier than I expected and it was packaged really well and I have no complaints about the rack itself either :) Here's the amazon link. The price was $20.49 which is probably on the cheaper side, because I saw some other places had them around $30.

The box was much bigger than the rack itself. There was a lot of styrofoam in the package (which is good, because acrylic can break or crack with rough handling).  
On the amazon website the item was titled 90 bottles nail polish rack but on the box it says "holds up to 96 bottles" haha 

 Here it is unwrapped!

The dimensions are 20 x 2 x 25 inches (l,w,h).

The rack has 6 rows and on the website it lists that you can put 15 bottles per row but I think that depends on what kind of bottle you are talking about.  

It also came with a sign that said "polish station" that you could put on the top of the rack....but I'm definitely never going to use that. haha

If you look closely on the picture above, the rack does have two holes in it, so you can hang it on the wall.  (It also comes with 2 screws).  I probably won't be putting mine on the wall since I like where it sits right now in my room.  And I'm a little afraid to test out if the 2 screws will hold up the whole rack.  haha

     Aaaand finally, here's the rack with all my nail polishes in it!

    The gap between each row was perfectly calculated because I had no trouble putting in any of the generic brand nail polish bottles.  I did have a couple that had crazy long handles which I couldn't put in (that I bought in Japan), but I usually don't use those anyways.  Width wise, all the nail polishes fit well except the Nicole by OPI ones.  They do fit, except the bottle is a little scrunched against the rack.

    Since I have more essie polishes than other brands, I put those on one row so I can see which colors I have easily.  Then for the rest, I tried to group them by colors.
    The bottom row, I put some miscellaneous bottles and glitter polishes.

    I absolutely LOVE how this looks in my room and definitely recommend buying a nail polish rack if you have had a hard time storing your nail polishes.  I used to put them in a big box and they would be all jumbled together and colors were really hard to find.  Now, I know what colors I have and they're super easy to use and put away.  
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