Henri Bendel Stud Earrings

Over labor day weekend, I had a chance to stop by the mall and I was on the hunt for some cute, simple stud earrings that I could wear to school that would match pretty much any kind of outfit.

I ended up in Henri Bendel (I love their jewelry) and picked up 2 pairs of studs.

I got the silver Crystal Spike Stud Earring ($48). I couldn't find the link on the online store for these earrings, they have them in gold though here. I also got the Bendel Bow Pave Earring ($68) buy here.

After getting these earrings, they have been all that I've been wearing. haha
The spike studs are a cute alternative to normal diamond studs because of their design. And the bow studs just add a sparkly feminine touch to any outfit.

While I was there I also saw the cutest ring set EVER. bow crystal stack rings ($98)
I was already getting 2 earrings so I ended up not getting the rings....but....if you love bows/bow jewelry, you need to check these out! I want to go back and get these sometime >_<
The top ring is SO cute. I didn't want to take it off my finger. haha

Recently I've been shifting toward buying jewelry pieces that are better quality so I can wear them for a longer period of time.  I still buy jewelry from Forever 21/H&M kind of stores but I usually go to those stores for "trendy" pieces.  I think Henri Bendel has great cute jewelry (even though it's more expensive) and I think it's a great investment if you get a piece that you'll wear a lot.  

Do you guys have favorite jewelry brands? Any brands that I should check out next? :)
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