Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel - Brunette

I've recently realized that brows can really make or break a makeup look.  And ever since I dyed my hair brown (which ended up being dark brown because of my natural hair color...) I decided to try and lighten my brows to match my hair color.

That's when I picked up Anastasia's tinted brow gel in brunette.  It's the 3rd lightest one out of the 7 colors but I decided to go lighter because my eyebrow hairs are already so dark to begin with.

Sephora ($22)

The packaging is pretty simple and what you would expect for a brow gel.  Length wise, t's very similar in size to the Maybelline Great Lash mascara.  The brush/spoolie's general shape looks like an oval when you look at it from the side.  The middle is the thickest, the ends are smaller.

The brush size is really similar to a mascara brush head, which is nice to use for the thick parts of your brow, but I've had some problems trying to get the thinner parts of my brow without getting the gel on my skin.


In the package the gel seems like it has a golden sheen to it, but when you apply it to your brows you can't tell that there is a sheen.  This keeps my brows in place all day and it slightly lightens the colors of my brows.  Like I said earlier, my brow hairs are super dark so using this brow gel, I only get a medium dark brown color.  But, with my hair color right now, it's a perfect match :)

Overall,  I didn't think that this brow gel is a must have but it is nice to have.  I wish there were more drugstore brand tinted brow gels because I don't think I would have spent $22 if I had found a drugstore brow gel that had a good color range.  But, with that being said, it's not a bad brow gel at all.  It definitely lasts all day (although, I'm not sure if it's waterproof) and sets my brows in place for the whole day.   It has relatively good color payoff considering my natural brow color as well. 

I don't think I would repurchase it, but I've heard a lot of rave reviews on the Anastasia brow wiz brow pencil, so I think that's going to be next!

Do you guys have any holy grail brow products? Let me know!

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